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Your space is reserved for you at Tiny Tots, it's not pay-as-you-go and it operates in the same way as most clubs and children’s teaching activities.  

At the start of each month you will receive a message with your invoice for the month (usually 4 weeks, occasionally 5) and payment is due by the first session.

This can be made by bank transfer, cash or cheque. You will receive a welcome letter at your first class containing details.

From September 2024,  session works out as:

£8 for one tot,
£4 for a sibling
£12 for twins

These prices are fixed for 2 years.

Sibling babies under one are free of charge. Refreshments are included.

It's important that you try a class before committing to a regular place, and if for any reason you decide not to join us, you just pay for the one session.

Each class has its own Whatsapp group and invoices and any other class details are posted here. Tiny Tots runs weekly throughout the year, including half-terms and stopping only for the Summer and Christmas holidays.

NB Please try and give a month's notice where possible if you no longer require your place.