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Welcome to Tiny Tots Music. I'm Hannah and I run classes in Newick and Waldron. I'm as passionate about Tiny Tots today as I was when I started 15 years ago. It combines two things I absolutely love; music and children. I still get emotional every time a little tiny baby, barely able to sit up, taps their rhythm sticks together for the first time and beams at how clever they are! Watching them develop and grow week by week is a joy and a privilege.  

My classes are fun, positive and inclusive. They provide a safe happy space for your little one, where fun and learning meet. To your baby, your voice is the most beautiful sound in the world. Singing to them really accelerates bonding and development.

Tiny Tots is also about mums (and dads and grandparents) and creating a relaxed and welcoming place where you can enjoy quality time with your baby and meet other parents too. The social time after the class is really important for little ones to play and for mums to chat, offload and support each other.

Each session lasts one hour. During this time we do 35 minutes of music & singing. I have a wide range of percussion instruments, visual aids, puppets, storyboards and props and during the class we learn rhythm, melody, nursery rhymes and original songs. We cover lots of different topics like colours, counting, shapes, seasons, weather, animals, minibeasts, sharing, emotions etc. After the singing we have tea & coffee time.